A. Squat clean; 5 singles @305-330# (about 85%-95% of 1RM); rest 3 min between reps 

305, 305, 315, 325, 330 no misses 

Scroll down for video. 

B. Snatch; 6 singles @235-255# (about 85%-90%); rest 3 min between reps 

235, 240, 245, 250, 255, 235 no misses

Scroll down for video. 

C. 15 burpees AFAP + 10 Snatches @205# (about 70%) x2; rest 4 min between sets (focus on quality and execution of the reps, if you are sloppy with a rep, extend the rest time slightly between reps, stick the landing in a tight bottom position slightly above your bottom range)

1:51 and 1:55 all pretty high and tight. No misses.


Assault bike 15 seconds @1000 watts

5 power clean AFAP 255# (about 80%)

assault bike 3 min active recovery @200 watts


Rounds went :42, :52, :56

Unbroken first round, then 3, 1, 1 and 2, 1, 1, 1. Legs got heavy!


D1. Single leg RDL; 8-10-x2; rest as needed

D2. Single leg sorensen hold; 20 sec x2; rest as needed

D3. Barbell hip thrusts; 10-12×2; rest as needed

D4. Elbow side plank on knee with banded clam shell; 10 reps x2/side; rest as needed

Completed. Tried to really equally activate flutes and hankies on both legs on all of these. lol that’s supposed to say glutes and hammies!


A. Split jerk; 1 rep on the min for 12 min @315# (about 90%)

Blocks were not available so I had to use the racks and lower it back down every time which made it slightly more difficult, but that usually doesn’t bother me too much. No misses, but kept catching with soft shoulders.

B1. Strict banded hspu; 5 reps unbroken x6; rest 1

B2. Neutral grip ring weighted lean away pull ups @41×1; 4-5×6; rest 2 min 



EMOM 12 min:

Odd- 4 thrusters 185# (about 65%)

Even- 4 D-ball over shoulder @100% speed

Felt good. Was able to rip the ball from the ground “Travis style”, until it got soaked and I had to adapt.


EMOM 12 min:

Odd- 4 tng power snatch 165# (about 70%)

Even- 8 bar facing burpees @100% speed

Loved this as well. Enjoy power snatch cycling at that weight. And burpees too I guess.

Good to get little touches on the Crossfit stuff to keep it there and fresh and sharp.


C1. Two arm KB front rack rear foot elevated split squat; 8-10×2; rest as needed

C2. Diagonal stretch; 45 sec x2/side; rest needed

C3. Triangle stretch; 45 sec x2/side; rest needed

Completed at home.


  • serious and seriously awesome day. Love getting back into the flow and accomplishing everything on my list. It’s becoming the lifestyle.
  • Finished session one at 1 and rested until coaching from 4-6:30 and finished up from 7-9. A bit late, but as time efficient as it could be.


  • would’ve have liked to have stuck to the program and used blocks so could’ve time planned better.
  • Still need to work on technical lifting stuff. Like left foot jump back and now the right elbow drop thing. Glad it’s all out in the open.

Weight: 182

P – 221

C – 380

F – 103



Prowler sprints; 12 seconds @100% effort

rest 1 min


Wow that last one! Went, in yards, 45, 45, 43, 43,39, 41, 38, 36

BLAZING hot out today. Made no room for recovery and no shade, dizzying.


Sled drag sprints

12 seconds @100% effort

rest 1 min


Felt different and a little easier to keep moving and get further.

Made it between 55 and 60 yards every round.


Prowler sprints

30 seconds max distance @100% effort

rest 3 min



Made it just past 80 yards each round. Pace obviously a little more steady than the 12 sec sprints.

Ugh. Destruction. All of that at 100%… where’s the puke emoji. But I did/do feel like a tank.


Run 20 min easy and continuous cool down

Completed about 3,500m


mobility work 20-30 min

Did daily ROMWOD

Done by 1pm


3pm to be exact!

Swim 100y easy swim


Kickboard swim – 50y

rest 1 min


Complete. Still feels like “too much” just blows up my hips and I don’t know that I need so much kick practice.


Swim 100y @<1:20 pace (hit your interval paces this week)

rest 45 seconds

(Rest 2 min bw sets 4/5)


1:15, 1:18, 1:19, 1:20

Much needed break

1:18, 1:19, 1:21, 1:22

Used all flip turns (out of 3 turnarounds I can do 2 because one side is stairs)

Barely made it on those rest intervals! Hypoxic.


continuous swim 10 min cool down

500m easy pace done in 9:40.

So strange. Both quads started cramping, like last week, in the middle of the cool down. Could it have to do more with the swim or the sled before hand? Maybe the hypoxia of the swim? Made up triangle and diagonal stretch here.

Done for the frankin day! I don’t know why it feels like such an accomplishment to make it all the way through.. tough stuff, perhaps.


  • Adaptation. Felt more confident going into the sled progression this week. Hurt, but pushed through and felt like a tank.
  • During the swim, I had a lot of doubts. On my third 100 I started thinking that I would need 5 min rest after the next one, but stuck to the 2 min prescribed. Then after the 5th, starting thinking I would need to bump the :40 rest out to at least a minute. Thought there’s only three more, you got it. Had the same battle after each one. Always just barely stuck to the rest intervals and made it.


  • Hopefully more time and confidence in the pool will remove those doubts. Lats got super tight on the swim.
  • Quad cramps? Don’t let heat affect training so much. Sleds outside, find places to recover.


Weight: 185

P – 202

C – 405

F – 98