Day of Eating

My Nutritional Evolution

Insight as to how my nutrition has changed over the years. From plain pasta to paleo to macros and more!

Training Think Tank Open Camp Vlog

Funny moments, educational talks, and workout highlights from Training Think Tank's Open camp

Vlog #3 – Cali + HQ Visit

Took a cross country trek to Santa Cruz for a visit to CrossFit HQ....

Vlog #2: Sick – Train or Nah?

The age old question: how many days after being sick should you get back to working out?...

First Vlog

My first official vlog, a recap of WZA 2018. Watch and enjoy all the fun behind the scenes craziness!

WZA 2018 – Why We Lost

One rep. Four points. The same number of points that kept me off the podium at the Games, kept us off the top of the…

Happy, but Hungry

Happy, but Hungry. It's a lifestyle. To me it means to love what you're doing, but never be fully satisfied.

Crossfit Invitational Recap

Still unable able to find the words to express the pride I felt in having USA across my chest on the competition floor…

My Program

After a good deal of deliberation, I’ve decided to share my program. To a tee, exactly what I’ve done every session,…

Here for You

Why does this site exist? I want to create another platform upon which to entertain curiosities, open doors, and…


I started a blog called “The Pursuit of Fitness” almost 10 years ago before I even knew what CrossFit was. This website…