My Program

After a good deal of deliberation, I’ve decided to share my program. To a tee, exactly what I’ve done every session, every day, over the last 365 days. Written by Max El-Hag of Training Think Tank, my program is a culmination of the hours Max and I spent talking before we set out on this journey together. It represents all of the time I spent in Atlanta assessing my movement and areas that needed improvement. Not only will my program share all of my work outs but it will also include my personal notes as I worked my way to my best ever finish at the CrossFit Games, earning the title of the 4th fittest man on earth. (Ps that number still makes me cringe a little, so if enough of y’all get on board to train with me this year, we’ll keep it rolling for years to come, until the “4th” is replaced by a much lower number)

Why join?

I’m a pretty firm believer that anyone can gain a lot of ground in the fitness world by picking and sticking to a program. Whether it’s a group program or individually tailored, if you’re in the gym, lifting weight, hitting the assault bike and the track and taking the time to refine your movement, you’re going to get better. This program in particular was designed specifically for me, but I’d imagine I’m a lot more like you than you think. My goals for this season were to:

  • Get stronger
  • Get more durable for repeatability on the barbell
  • Increase my anaerobic power (specifically on the rower and assault bike)
  • Improve my running speed and endurance
  • Sharpen my gymnastics and build on their endurance
  • Move better and make my body feel healthier
  • Win

Sound like you? I thought so.
I genuinely believe, looking back at those goals after this season, that I’ve seen significant improvement on every single one.

Max is pretty strict on compliance, meaning that if I don’t share a detailed write up with my results from every session, I’m getting the boot. So, along with sharing the program in hopes that you’ll feel the same improvements, I’m giving you a carrot. Not literally, unless you specify in the notes at checkout, but figuratively in the sense that every workout will have my time, thoughts, and feelings after each. That includes the Open, Regionals and the Games.

I get my programming a week at a time, so every Sunday you’ll receive a video from me talking about the week ahead. Look forward to occasional guest appearances from Max El-Hag, Max El-Dog and more of my crew!

If that’s not enough of my brain to pick, by joining the team, you’ll have exclusive monthly access to a private live Q&A session to recap every month of the program. To talk about how certain workouts went, clarify different movement drills, provide tips for the coming month or just to shoot the breeze and ask any questions you’ve always wanted to ask me.

I’m SO excited to have you on board and look forward to connecting here in the comment section and on social media!

What you get by joining:

  • Exclusive access to my 2017 program
  • My results and notes for every workout, every day
  • Videos of workouts, when available
  • Weekly video with tips and challenges
  • Monthly private live Q&A video sessions
  • 1 month free ROMWOD membership
  • Community to challenge you and hold you accountable
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