Why does this site exist? I want to create another platform upon which to entertain curiosities, open doors, and provide value. I want you to be able to get to know me even better with hopes that in doing so, somehow we both benefit. From sharing my thoughts, to connecting, to giving back (and giveaways!), to offering exclusive access to my personal program, my hopes are that this site provides you with whatever it is you may be seeking. For those of you that haven’t yet gotten an up close and personal look at what I do, you’ll find a media section with some of my favorite photos and videos from over the years. This site will also offer you a chance to get your hands on all of the exact same gear that I train in and use daily through my sponsors. My blog will even have some ties back to when my love for fitness and writing about it first began.

So, help me help you! Feel free to comment below what you’d like to see more or less of, projects you want to see us get involved in, and creative ways that you think I can help you enjoy your Pursuit of Fitness as much as I’m enjoying mine. That’s WHY we created noahohlsen.com. This site is here for you.