Happy, but Hungry.

It’s a lifestyle.

To me it means to love what you’re doing, but never be fully satisfied.

When I was brainstorming a phrase to put on my 2017 Games shirts, “Happy, but Hungry” struck me and I really liked the way it represented who I am as a person and a competitor. I try to, more often than not, have a smile on my face. I am a happy dude and I do really love where my life and career have taken me thus far. That’s not to say that if my competitive window closed tomorrow, I’d look back on it and be completely content. I would have never reached my ultimate goal of winning the CrossFit Games and being crowned the “fittest on earth.” I once read from my pal, Tait Fletcher, “Satisfaction is the death of desire. Are you satisfied? No, I am never satisfied. I am always craving.” So, while I do feel incredibly fortunate that I’m able to wake up every morning  and head to the gym as my “office” and workout as my “job,” I still have work to do.

The fact that you are healthy enough to get up and get into a gym at any time and enjoy improving your fitness, should make you happy. I hope for you that the hungry part of the equation is in there somewhere too. I bet it is. If you want to be able to lift a little more weight or string together a couple more toe to bar or qualify for a certain competition, you’re hungry. You have the desire to do more. You’re happy with where you are, but will be even happier when you get where you’re going. That’s something that you and I have in common. We’re happy, but hungry. Living a lifestyle in which we appreciate each day but still try to make the most of it.

So, back to where I began. I was happy to be heading out to Madison to compete at my 4th CrossFit Games, but I was hungry to improve upon last years 15th place finish. That hunger was fed, but it was just a snack. I still have a burning desire to get up onto the top of the podium and I don’t think my belly will feel full until I do. Cheers fam, let’s eat!


Ps. it’s extra special to me that my girlfriend Joann designed and drew the “Happy, but Hungry” text herself!