Friday 7/19/19


A. Squat clean and jerk; 7 triples; rest as needed bw sets (load doesn't need to be maximal. push jerk the first rep and try to focus on fast set ups and hitting all three reps quickly and precisesly)
Oh my! That last set had my legs trembly. Finished at 285. Built up with 205, 225, 235, 245, 255, 275. Failed the last clean at 285 but took a second then hit it.

B. Push jerk; 10 sets of 3 @moderate load (increase loads from last week))
Went 185x3 sets, 205x3, 225x2, 255x2

C1. Back squat; 10 reps @315# x3; rest 1 min ~70% 1RM
C2. Incline bench press; 10-12x3; rest 1 min
C3. Supinated weighted pull ups; 4-5x3; rest 1 min

Squats were tough but again liked the circuit.
For time:
GHD sit ups
freestanding hspu
9-6-3 strict muscle ups

7:10 Enjoyed this.


Cyclical machines must be done in sets of 25 cals unbroken and running in 1/4 miles. Rest as needed bw

For time:
Accumulate 225 cals on assault bike @500 watts
Accumulate 225 cals on rower @1500 cal/hour
Run 2.25 @6 min mile pace 22:27

Did 4 rounds of the 25-25-400.
Hit all the paces with minimal rest between. Was just tolerable for the shit state I’ve been feeling today.

Wednesday 7/17/19


A1. Advanced frog stand hold; amsap x4; rest 1
A2. Tuck back lever hold; 20 seconds x4; r 1min

Was able to hold the frog about :30.
Tried to straighten my arms towards the end. Tuck felt good.

B1. Two arm heavy DB hang power cleans; 6 reps x4; rest 10 sec
B2. Weighted rope pull ups; 4-6x4; rest 10 sec
B3. SEts 1/3: CTB pull ups; 25 reps unbroken x4; rest 30 sec (alternate on the even sets with 12 unbroken bar muscle ups)
B4. Single arm HS hold against wall; 20 seconds x4/side; rest as needed bw sides
Each set took about 3:00. Did the first two rounds of the SA handstand facing the wall. Used 70# dbs for the clean and wore my vest for the rope pull-ups.

C. Plyometric rope climbs; 2 'jumps' x4; rest as needed (hang, swing your legs up and release and grab high up on the rope. In the 2 releases get as high as you can on the rope - film)
When I did it the right way I didn’t get quite as high on the rope and almost wiped out a couple times. New challenge!

D. HS walk obstacle course tech work 20 min: - forward, backward, stairs, lateral, ramps, parallel bars, etc)
Done! Did a few ramp trips, let up 4 pairs of paralettes in a row for p bars, weaves between ropes and did some sideways walks and pirouettes. Then a couple full courses with each!


Run 10 min easy warm up
Done. Just over a mile.
Speed and change of direction warm up;
3 sets of 25 feet of each: - high knees, butt kicks, side shuffles, back pedal, lateral jump to sprint, skip, high skips, carioca, high knee carioca

2 sets of 30 yard sprints rest as needed bw sets
Roughly 4.88 and 4.50
Run 800m @3:00 pace
...immediately into recovery jog 800m
Immediately into 400m run @<1:20 pace
rest as needed to full recovery
x3 sets

Done! Just on the dot nailed all the paces. Was tough. Low back got a little lit. Peak classes were testing their mile time today and Guido was taking the 6pm so I jumped in with them and did my first interval as just a mile straight through in 5:46 and rested a little before the 400, then did the other two sets as written!
cool down/stretching 20-30 min
Done! Spent most time rolling and stretching low back.

Tuesday 7/16/19


A. Power snatch from high blocks; build to a tough set of 5
Ended at 180. Hard to generate much power from that high position, did my best!

B1. Snatch pulls from high blocks;; rest 10 sec/rest 90 seconds
B2. Seated box jumps; 1.1.1x4; step down/rest 1
B3. Overhead squat; 10, 10, 10, 10; rest 3 min (increasing load per set, try to ensure hand and foot positions are mimicking full snatch and get to full depth on each rep)

Finished with 275 which was tough! Happy to hit it though, positions felt solid.

C1. Reverse heavy sled drag; 100 feet AFAP x4; rest 1 min
C2. Heavy sled drag; 100 feet AFAP x4; rest 1 min
C3. Heavy prowler push; 100 feet AFAP x4; rest as needed to full recovery

My butt and my heart! Goly that was tough! I think the surface and skid of the sled didn’t match cause I couldn’t budge that thing! Did the 1st set with a blue, two yellows and a red and had to break a couple times each movement of the slow grind. Went down in weight each set and the final set with a blue, a yellow and a 15 felt as heavy as when I had 6 blues on it for the sled push in the metcon the other day. Had some fight in me though and grinded through the last few sets without stopping. “Feels like” temp is 96.

D1. 100 feet heavy farmers carry x3; rest 30 sec
D2. Single arm passive hang; amsap x3/side; rest 30 sec
D3. Inverted hang on pull up bar; amsap x4; rest 30 sec
D4. Forward roll to strict muscle up on rings; accumulate 4 reps x4; rest as needed to recovery


A. Single leg lunge matrix with both arms held overhead and locked out elbows; 3 complex per side (curtsy lunge, reverse lunge, cossack squat, diagonal lunge, forward lunge, crossover lunge = 1 complex)
Done! Did last set with 15lb plate OH

B. Single leg balance matrix (put non working hand behind your back); 3 reps on each leg

C. Adductor side plank; 30 seconds x5/side; rest as needed
Done! :20 sec each round

D1. Single leg good mornings; 8-10x2/side; rest 1 min bw sides
D2. Single leg hip thrusts; 10 reps x2/side; rest 1 min

Assault bike 1:30 seconds @550 watts not to exceed, rest exactly 1 min
Row max duration @1:38 pace not to exceed 8/10 effort, rest exactly 3 min
Row max duration @1:38 pace not to exceed 8/10 effort, rest exactly 1 min
Assault bike max duration @650 watts
rest 4 min x3 sets

SET 1-
37 cal at 550w in :90
542m at 1:38 for 1:42
548 in 1:45 21 cals in :42

SET 2-
36cal 404m in 1:18
515m in 1:39
20 cal in :40

SET 3-
35cal (hate to admit, close to ME at the end)
338m in 1:03
574m in 1:50
15 cal in :30
Wow. That was exhausting.

stretching/cool down work 20-30 min

Decided to share with you guys a note I'd sent Max, to show you that we all deal with doubt and life gets tough for everyone at times.

"Foundation shaken. I wrote that in the middle of training and couldn’t stop thinking it today. I’m sharing with you partially so I can write it out and process it myself and also because I feel like it is something I should share with you. I don’t want it to be a huge deal. It may not be, I’m trying to understand it and decide how to deal with it. For two reasons I feel slightly that my foundation has been shaken: I went ALL in last year and still wasn’t able to achieve my goal. I know I can justify that in a few different ways, but that’s a fact. Also, all of these seasonal changes and uncertainty regarding the season and what it means to be a Games athlete any more. I think these two things have allowed themselves to get in my head and made me question my why. I tried to really sort through it today. Years past it was to... actually maybe it’s my “what” like “what” am I training for right now. In the past it was to win the games and to podium at the games. Unfortunately I feel slightly discouraged about being able to achieve that. I still believe it’s possible and want it badly, it’s just like fuck, how has it not happened all these years of training hard and performing well. I think I just need to figure out a motivation for now while wading through this uncertainty."

Monday 7/15/19


Beach partner workout
Partners split reps in half

For time:
10 complexes (lunge jump each leg, air squat)
20 burpees
30 alt lunges
40 kB presses (1 - 35# kB)
50 sit-ups
60 kB thrusters (1 - 35# kB)
70 push-ups
80 goblet squats (1 - 35# kB)
90 mountain climbers
100 sumo DL high pull (1 - 35#)
*both partners broad jump 30 ft to one movement and backpedal 30 ft back after Ocean swimming as a buy in.

If you don't have a beach or partner, simply cut reps in half after the situps (or just got for it as is) and crush it solo at the gym!


Self directed lifting session.
Pick two lifts and focus on getting about 20 min of quality work on each!

Saturday 7/20/19


A. Deadlift; 10 reps unbroken 405# x2; rest as needed
With the humidity the tape slipped off my thumbs halfway through the set so I switched to mixed grip and finished. On the second set I used straps and did all 10 unbroken. Last couple reps felt kind of heavy.
3 rounds for time:
25 unbroken power snatch 75#
8 unbroken muscle ups

That was grippy and tough but enjoyed the challenge and just made it all through UB. Low back got kinda lit after the deads.

6 rounds for time:
run 400m (Runs must be completed sub 1:20 and you can rest before or after you start, but practice running at game pace)
10 unbroken front squat 255#
6 sandbag burpees over the jerk blocks

Just could not get myself to GO THERE today.


For the PM I did the Peak class.

For time:
30 front squats (165)
100 dubs
20 shoulder to OH (165)
100 dubs
10 thrusters (165)
100 dubs
Managed everything fast and UB but was a tough burner!

Saturday 7/13/19


A. Deadlift; 10 reps unbroken 385# (75% of 1RM)
x2; rest as needed

As a warm up i wanted to pull a heavish single so went up and hit 475 like cake so went 500 and got it all the way up but it slipped from my fingertips cause of sweat! The 385 felt easy. But could feel my low back a little fatigued after it all. Obviously cause I went heavier than you’d written, my bad.
B1. Two arm DB clean and jerk; 15 reps ub x3;
B2. Strict muscle ups; 5 reps AFAP x3; rest 30s
B3. TTB; 25 reps AFAP x3; rest 30 sec
B4. Hang power snatch; 15 unbroken 75# x3;
B5. Legless rope climbs with weighted vest; 3 reps AFAP x3; rest 30s between each and as needed to recovery to repeat after full set.

Each set took about 6 min, with the 30 sec rests built in. Rested about 5 min between sets. Rope got super slippery which made it tough, finger tips ripped. Reached failure at the top of last rope climb!

3 rounds for time:
run 800m (Runs must be completed sub 3:15 and you can rest before or after you start, but practice running at game pace)
10 unbroken front squat 245# (65% of 1RM)
50 foot heavy sled drag (work to move at a pace and load that mimics the games where you were going dragging that big rolling thing)

15:24 Wooo! Those squats were tough! I think from the DLs prior. I had to fight the hardest I’ve ever fought for a front squat on the very last rep. Tried going right for it after the run and it was just a grind!


8 min emom
1 power snatch + 1 hang power snatch + 1 hang squat snatch

Did 6 sets at 185 and last 2 at 205
6 min amrap
15 c2b
15 hand release push-ups
Rest 2 min
6 min amrap
20 burpees
20 cal row
Rest 2 min
6 min amrap
10 2 arm dB snatch (35)
10/10 dB front rack lunges (35)

Scores were: 5+3 2+10 4+5
Hefty day!

Friday 7/12/19


Warm up:
3 sets of:
50y swim @moderate pace
25y kick on back with board
25y kick with board
10 attempts of push off and streamline to get maximal distance off the push and a most efficient streamline as possible
Flip turns 10 sets: Swim out a little bit past the flags and then turn around to swim towards the wall. Swim at an easy pace into the wall and when you get to the wall, try to flip turn, and push off aggressviely into a streamline and go max distance in an appropriate streamline position
Dolphin kick tech work with short fins (if you can't find short fins at the pool, just use regular fins)
Perform 16 sets of 25y dolphin kick (surface to breathe when necessary) 4 sets on back, 4 sets on both sides, 4 sets face down after a push off
Swim 25y sprint @100%
rest 3 breaths
Swim 150y @tough effort rest to recovery
Swim cool down 200y easy to refine stroke mechanics

Done. that was cool, enjoyed the tech work and think it'll really help me speed up transitions