Saturday 9/21/19


A. Snatch x1/hang snatch x1; rest 90 seconds x6 complexes @225# (~80% 1RM)
Took about four sets for these to really feel good. But then they did.

B. Squat clean and jerk; 1.1.1 @275# (~75% 1RM) x5; rest 20 sec/rest 3 min
These were decent. Jerk position felt pretty good every time, just didn't like feeling my shoulders pulled forward at the bottom of the clean.

C1. Front squat; 3x3 @295#; rest 30 s (~70-75% 1RM)
C2. Back squat; 6 reps @295#; rst 3 m (use same weight)

Front squats felt poopie, too obsessed with finding the right rack position. Back squats felt great! Legs feel pretty tired now surprisingly.

D. Negative weighted GH raises; 4-6x4; rest 2 min
Done. I think. Are these done on the GHD or the reverse hyper? Pretty eh weightlifting session. Nothing went wrong, but nothing felt amazing and crisp. Took a little while to get warmed up and felt a little better but positions didn't feel perfect. Had a good focus in general and on technical aspects, maybe even a little bit too much.


Dubai qualifier
For time:
20 bar muscle ups
40 cals assault bike
20 bar muscle ups

Dang that whole thing hit me harder than I thought. Left a dizzy metal in the mouth feeling with me for about 10 min. Did 10-10 then held 1,000w for about 25 cal and it slowed down a but toward the end. Got off bike around 2:10 and overall body was a little shocked, did 6 muscle ups (didn't feel tight and was catching by flipping over and resting body on the bar before pressing out then did 7-7. Would've liked to do better just didn't expect that much fatigue off the bike.


Active recovery swim work 20-30 min
Done about 1k

Friday 9/20/19


A1. Bottoms up front squat isometric (from bottom position, isometric ramping contraction, don't use a load that is heavy enough to move); 6 seconds x5; rest 10 sec
A2. Broad jumps; 1.1x5; rest 20 sec/rest 2 min

B1. Squat clean; 5 AFAP 275# (~70% 1RM) working on optimal positions x3; rest 20 sec
B2. Front squat @5050; 2 reps @185# (~50% 1RM) x3; rest 30 sec
B3. Front squat; 5 reps AFAP working on staying vertical @235#(~60% 1RM) ; rest 3 min

C1. Short hamstring isometric; 20 seconds x3/side; rest 10 sec
C2. GH raises; 6 slow controlled reps x3; rest 30 sec
C3. Single leg sorensen hold with upper torso rotations; 3 slow controlled rotations in both directions x3; rest 3 min


A1. Assault bike sprint 12 seconds @100% x5; rest 18 sec
A2. Heavy yoke carry; 50 feet x5; rest 3 min

B1. Row sprint 20 seconds @100% x5; rest 10 seconds
B2. Barbell front rack isometric hold; 10 seconsd @375# x5; rest as needed to recovery (just rack it, step out of the rack, hold in front rack)

B. Squat clean x1/Split jerk x3; 5 reps @245-275#; (~65-70% 1RM) rest as needed

C. KB halos from bottom of a squat position; 5 slow controlled reps in both directions x3; rest as needed (heavy as you can maintain good positions, try to keep elbows close to body)


7 rounds for time:
1 pegboard
2 strict muscle ups + 4 strict ring dips
8 unbroken 2" deficit strict hspu
A. Single arm DB bench press; 8-10x3/side; rest 1 min bw sides
Row 10 min easy

Wednesday 9/18/19


Active recovery swim work 30-45 min
Swam for 25 min and stretched in the water for another 10.


Massage 60-90 min (easy, more relaxation based unless you have a specific area you want worked on)
Wasn't able to make this happen today but I'll make it up. Stretched and napped for 2.5 hours!

Tuesday 9/17/19


A. Oly meet simulation - 3 attempts to a max in both lifts
Well that wasn't great.. Missed 275 so close so many times (5), that's so silly that should be such an easy number for me at this point. Hit 265 as last made lift. Wanted to open at 275 then 290 etc. grr. Clean and jerk felt okay. Cleans were decently solid. Jerk transition threw me off. Got a little light headed and just didn't have the drive to get bar overhead. Just feels rusty, haven't done in a while. Hit 300, 320, missed jerk at 330 twice then went down and hit 315.

B1. Isometric ramping deadlift against pins; 5 seconds ramping in contraction x3; rest 10 sec
B2. Sumo deadlift; 2.2.2x3; rest 20 sec/rest 2 min

Done. Used 365.

C. Single leg back extensions with overhead reach; 5 reps with 2 sec hold overhead x2/side; rest 1 min bw sides

D1. Side lying adductor isometric; 10 seconds x3/side; rest 1 min
D2. Jefferson deadlift; 5 reps xx3/side; rest 1 min

Done. Not sure how heavy to go. Used 115. Had it confused with Jefferson curl at first.


Dynamic hip/calf opening work 15-20 min
Did a bunch
Run 50yards @100% rest 2 min
x6 attempts

50 paces so not exactly 50yds. Self timed with stop watch. Tech felt decent. Times: ??, 6.47, 6.53, 6.43, 6.47, 6.41.
Run 20 min easy cool down
About 3.5k easy
10-15 min toe/foot mobility work


A. Hanging breathe retention - 2 sets with max inhale/2 sets with max exhale :42, :50 inhale :22, :26 exhale

B. L-sit breathe retention - 2 sets with maximal inhale/2 sets with max exhale :35, :32 inhale :21, :21 exhale
For time:
1k row
125 GHD sit ups (target row <3:10) record split time per 25 GHD sit ups and duration of transition)

Total time 10:36
Row was exactly 3:10 on the dot. I was nervous about that but held the 1:35 relatively "comfortably" the whole time. Sit-ups were tough. Not sure if it's cause I did 100 about 45 hours ago. Could do first two in 25s but rest were mostly 10s with quick breaks.
Times were:
Row - 3:10
Sit-ups started - 3:40 25 - 4:32 50 - 5:56 75 - 7:36 100 - 9:12 125 - 10:36

mobility work 20-30 min
Going to do a romwod at home

Monday 9/16/19


Stand up Paddleboard 30 min continuous
Today was very windy so the water was crazy choppy and wavy but I still went for it made for a fun challenge that I feel like I conquered and got better!


A. 8" plate bounding work (2x45# plates) - 5 rebounding jumps normal, 5 rebounding jumps straddle, 5 rebounding jumps backward, 10 reboounding jumps lateral touching the top, 5 rebounding jumps diagonally right, 5 rebounding jumps diagonally left

B. 4" (1 45# plate) rebounding jumps single leg - same jump pattern but 3 reps per cycle working on jump mechanics
For time:
100 cal row (aim to be above 1500 cal/hour on the entire row)
100 GHD sit ups
100 cal assault bike (target >425 cal/hour)

Man legs didn't really feel like they "had it" to be powerful and stay above the paces. Row was just just at or slightly under the 1,500 and the bike was just at 390-409 until last 20 cal was up to 500. Row took exactly 4 min, sit-ups almost exactly 5 min (broke them 35-5-10-10-10-15-15) without much rest and bike took almost 6 min.


Run 200m @~800m pr pace (30-35 sec)
Run 600m easy recovery pace
Run 200m with sandbag (50#, alternate the shoulder you are carrying it over per set)
Run 600m easy recovery pace
x2 sets

Sneaky way to squeeze in 2 miles!
7:34 total first set and just about the same for the second. Both sprints were :33 and the slam ball I had to use took about :45-:50. Left shin slightly tender after this and the jumping.
mobility work 20-30 min

Saturday 9/14/19


A. Foot/ankle warm up work (tib raises, eccentric neural grooving, etc) - 10 min Banded ankle stretch, heel walk, banded hips, box eccentrics.

B1. Snatch grip vertical jumps with empty barbell; 3 consecutive jumps AFAP (and as high) x5; rest 10 sec (pull toes up aggressively)
B2. Power snatch from high blocks; 1.1x5; rest 20 sec/rest 3 min

Felt good.
Getting more comfy from that position. Used 205 for all sets and they were all power.
3 rounds for time:
3 squat snatch 225#
3 front squat 305#

4:48 MAN! I was hoping the front squats would feel great because they did last week and thought I was getting the same activation during warm up but bleh I got crunched, position just didn't feel right and made it tough. First round done in 1 min but had to break the last rep on the last set of FS. Snatches felt a little sloppy on second set and crispest on the third when I focused on the right positions and pull. Bummed about front squats but excited to keep honing in on making them better. Spent some time lighter afterwards working on it.


A. Standing B-march; 14 steps x4; rest 1 min
Done. Solid. More athletic.

B. 90 degree turn tech work - 5 sets in each direction
Same. Focused on good heel pull and technique up to the cone and it made the turn feel better.

C. 5-10-5 shuttle sprints - 3 attempts in both directions - work on starting foot work this time again
Took video. Tried starting with a bit of angled stance to preload the front foot.

D. Underhand forward medball toss - 5 attempts for max distance

E. Overhand reverse medball toss - 5 attempts for max distance

F. Rotational lateral medball toss - 3 attempts for max distance in both directions
Did all the tosses the bestest I could!


A. L-sit hold with a full exhale no breathing - 3 attempts for max hold
:15, :17, :20

B. L-sit hold with a full inhale no breathing - 3 attempts for max hold
:27, :23 :31

C. Side plank hold with breath holding - 2 attempts for max holds on both sides with a full inhale and a full exhale
:08/:12 exhale left :09/:12 exhale right :20 inhale right :22 inhale left

D1. Assault bike sprint 15 seconds @100%; rest 15 sec x4;
D2. 45 seconds max reps strict hspu x4; rest 3 min
21 cal with roll over and 30 hspu 21 cal same and 25 hspu 18 cal and 20 hspu (10-5-5) 20 cal and 14 hspu (5-3-3-3) tris smoked

E. Omni grip bench press; 5.5.5x4; rest 30 sec/rest 3 min (close, medium,wide)
Did all sets at 200lbs about 2 hours later. Last set got tough!

F. Single arm ring plank; 20 secods x4/side; rest 40 sec bw sides
shoulder mobility work 20-30 min

Friday 9/13/19


1. Synchro Amanda
9-7-5 reps for time:
Full Snatch, 135/95

Synchro with Guido. I used 155 to make it more equivalent. Was tough (breathing and muscle burn - grip a little and legs) but everything UB. ....
2. For Time:
3 Pegboard ascents, 135/95
21 Thrusters
2 Pegboard ascents
15 Thrusters
1 Pegboard ascent
9 Thrusters

5:21 All UB. Big ol PR. ....
3. For Time:
500m row
100 Zues DU
5 Deadlifts, 315/215
:10 Deadlift hold (at full stand)
5 Toes to bar
:10 Bar hang

7:52 Grippy!!!!
Then, rest exactly 5:00 and complete:
150 ft. HS walk for time

:58 with a break at 100'


A1. Single leg back extensions with overhead reach isometric; 5 reps with 2 sec hold x3/side; rest 1 min
A2. Short hamstring activation work; 15 sec x3/side; rest 1 min
A3. Negative GH raises; 5 slow controlled reps for quality to end range x3; rest as needed (hands behind head what you do this)

Man, slipped my mind to do this!
Run 30 min easy and continuous
Done. Been noticing lately that I feel better and "settle in" toward the back half of aerobic work. Ran about 6k
mobility on little toes of right foot and intrinsic foot musculature work


3 rounds for time:
30 cals assault bike (above 550 watts)
30 cals row (over 1600 cal/hour)
9:48 Did it. Made all targets. Can't quit, me. try to hit the targets and take a bit more 'rest time' between as opposed to doing slower work
mobility work